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3<title> privacy policy</title>
6Last revised 2009-10-11
8By submitting data to this site you agree that you release the postcode
9and latitude/longitude data into the public domain or, if you are unable
10to do so, under the <a href="">PDDL</a>.
12Your email address is collected and stored the purposes of verifying
13your submission, and for tracking which postcodes have been submitted
14by which entities, for the purposes of quality control and abuse
15prevention. We will only send an email on submission of each postcode,
16and never afterwards (except in reply to an email you have sent us).
18We will never disclose your email address to any third party unless we
19are required to do so by official police, court or equivalent request.
21The IP address you made your submission from will be stored and recorded
22in the process of maintaining web server logs, and may be processed in
23aggregate format for statistical purposes. Individual IP addresses will
24never be disclosed by to any third party unless we are required to do
25so by any official police, court or equivalent request.
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