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3title: Massive progress
4date: '2006-11-01 22:59:49 +0000'
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8basename: massive_progress
9author: 'David Sheldon'
11 <p> We're progressing very well. This was going to be a post yesterday morning for
12us passing 1000 postcodes. By the end of the working day we had passed the
13number that <a href="">FreeThePostcode</a> have
14collected so far. Now we have over 1600. This is an amazing respose.  </p>
16<p> You can now see the progress on the front page, where we list some numbers: the number of postcodes collected from this site, the number of unique outward parts (the first half of he postcode) entered on this site, and the percentage of all of the GB outward parts that have been located between us and FreeThePostcode. 
19<p> As an aid to visualising the data, I have used some code from <a href="">Chris Lightfoot</a> and fed it our data.
20You can see the results <a href="">here</a>. The database it uses
21is currently updated every hour. You can see the same code running on a
22complete (non-free) data set linked from <a href="">this mySociety post</a>.</p> 
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