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3title: Scotland Update
4date: '2006-11-30 19:05:02 +0000'
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10 <p>We are currently experimenting with a couple of different types of
11old Scottish maps, with varying levels of sucess.</p>
13<p>The easiest maps to work with are the 7<sup>th</sup> edition maps,
14which were created using the National Grid. These can be tiled up, and then
15used on the site in just the same way as the existing New Popular Edition
16maps of England and Wales. There are only two snags: Not all of the Scottish
177<sup>th</sup> edition maps are out of copyright, and we don't have all
18of the ones that are. If anyone does have any of them, we'd love to hear
19from them.</p>
21<p>Next up, we have the updated Popular Edition maps from the 1940s, which
22had the National Grid printed over them. These were produced both for the
23War Office, and for general sale to the public (though we don't think very
24large numbers of them were). As these maps weren't originally produced
25with the National Grid, when added it's not completely straight. This means
26it's more work to tile them, but not impossible.</p>
28<p>We have done a trial run with an updated Popular Edition map, and the
29result (covering Inverness) can be seen
30<a href=",281,2">here</a>. We
31are currently getting several of these maps scanned in, so we hope to be able
32to show maps for some of Scotland in the next few weeks. We don't have
33these maps for all of Scotland though, so again we'd love to hear from
34anyone who does.</p>
36<p>Finally, a very kind person has offered us all of the Popular Edition
37maps (from the 1920s) for Scotland, just as soon as he's had them scanned in.
38Unfortunately, the Popular Edition wasn't produced against the National
39Grid, so the process of converting the scans into suitable tiles looks like
40being quite a complex one. So, it may be some time until we can put these
41maps online.</p>
43<p>On a related note, we're still very keen to hear from anyone who has
44out of copyright 1 inch to the mile maps of Northern Ireland. Do please get
45in touch if you have some.</p>
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