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3title: A New Target
4date: '2007-01-08 19:16:05 +0000'
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8basename: a_new_target
10 <p>We currently have postcodes for
11<a href="">80%</a> of the postcode prefixes
12(eg the OX12 part of OX12 5AB) in the UK. We think this is pretty much all
13the prefixes we can currently get, with the remaining 20% being in Northern
14Ireland, and the parts of Scotland for which we lack maps.</p>
16<p>With that in mind, we've started tracking another measure of our progress.
17This time, it's the number of postcode sectors we have. (A postcode sector
18is the prefix &amp; the next digit, eg 'OX12 5').</p>
20<p>Currently, our sector coverage is 55%. There's no reason why it shouldn't
21be almost as high as our prefix figure, so that leaves quite a few more
22sectors for which we have maps, but no postcodes.</p>
24<p>So, that's our next target - get the sector coverage up to the same level
25as our prefix coverage. Now's the perfect time to start entering postcodes
26for that little bit further away than you have been already!</p>
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