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3title: Outage; even more scotland
4date: '2007-03-14 09:27:09 +0000'
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8basename: outage_even_more_scotland
10 <p>Unfortunately the hard drive hosting parts of our site filled up
11just before 7 this morning, so the database and tiles were both unavailable
12for about an hour.
13I apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused, but our hosting
14is kindly donated by <a href=""></a>, and has been fast and reliable up
15until now.</p>
17<p>As you might be able to see from the front page, we now have
18even more maps of Scotland, all the way up the East coast from England
19to Kirkcaldy, and then a lot of the mountains and islands further North and in
20the west. </p>
22<p>People in Northern Ireland might have to wait even longer. We have
23not had any offers of maps that we can use for that region. If you do
24have any 1 inch to the mile maps that are out of copyright then we are
25interested in hearing from you.</p>
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