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2layout: post
3title: Search from the URL
4date: '2007-04-10 20:25:19 +0100'
5mt_id: 169
6blog_id: 4
7post_id: 169
8basename: search_from_the_url
10 <p>We've added a new feature to the site, which allows you to enter your
11 search term as part of the URL, and have that search automatically executed
12 for you. So, if you wanted to link to our maps for a variety of different
13 places, you can now do so with a predictable URL.</p>
15<p>To use this, the base URL is
16 <a href=""></a> .
17 Then, put your search term after the ?, such as:</p>
19<ul><li><a href=""></a></li>
20<li><a href=" 7EP"> 7EP</a></li>
21<li><a href=""></a></li>
22<li><a href=", -4.2567">, -4.2567</a></li>
25<p>As you can see, it's now possible to search by postcode, 6 figure grid
26 reference, latitude and longitude, and place name (thanks to
27 <a href="">Geonames</a>).</p>
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