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3title: Mailing list and forum; 30,000 postcodes
4date: '2007-12-03 12:56:19 +0000'
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10 <p>
11We're still chugging along, although we haven't had much time to devote
12to the project recently. We reached the 30,000 mark a few weeks ago, which
13shows that interest in the project is being maintained (along with our
14recent mention in the <a href="">Reg Developer</a>).
18We've recently set up a <a href="">mailing list</a> and corresponding <a href="">forum</a> (both feed data
19both ways between each other so you can choose your preferred interface)
20for general discussion about the project, and to try and get to know some
21of our contributors/users. Hope to see you there!
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