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3title: Another free postcode source
4date: '2008-09-21 21:47:14 +0100'
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[766]9author: 'Nick Burch'
11<p>Since the beginning of the site, we have included data from <a href="">Free The Postcode</a>, which is another site dedicated to producing public domain postcode data. These entries show up on our maps with a purple marker (our data has a green marker).
13<p>From this week, we're pleased to announce we're including data from a second public domain, collaborative postcode project. This one is the <a href="">Locating Postboxes</a> project, run by <a href="">Matthew Somerville</a>. Some of the postboxes they locate have known postcodes, and this data is shown on our site with pink markers.
15<p>As with <a href="">Free The Postcode</a>, this data is imported into our site nightly. Our importer scripts are also open source, and available from <a href="">here</a>, which people are always welcome to use and improve
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