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2layout: post
3title: RSS Feed
4date: '2008-09-21 21:39:03 +0100'
5mt_id: 182
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7post_id: 182
8basename: rss_feed
10<p>By popular request, we're now providing an RSS feed of recent postcode submissions, at <a href=""></a>.
11<p>This feed is similar to the one provided by <a href="">Free The Postcode</a>, and is a geo-referenced (geoRSS) feed of the 100 most recently submitted postcodes.
12<p>We hope this'll prove useful for those of you who want to update their NPEMap data on the fly, and for other uses we've yet to think of. Please do get in touch if there are other useful formats you'd like to get our data in, if the <a href="">downloads</a> and rss feed don't fit your needs, and we'll see what we can do.
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