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3title: Source code available
4date: '2008-12-23 17:22:00 +0000'
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10As Nick hinted at in his previous post, all the source code that runs this site is available at our <a href="">public subversion repository</a>. We think this is important, not only because we're generally open source friendly people, but because for all the will in the world, we don't really have time to devote as much as we'd like to the project (we all have full-time jobs, and other projects too).
12Being custodians of public data seems like a large responsibility, though, so we feel bad about neglecting things. So how can you help?
14Well, you can probably guess. If you're a coder (Perl and Python currently) and have ideas for some of the many ways npemap site (and maybe the as-yet-unstarted central site) can be improved, head over to our <a href="">dev site</a> and <a href="">issue tracker</a>, start thinking about what you could do and get coding! We know that things are a little rough round the edges, but we'll try our hardest to support people developing things, so if you can't get a development environment up and running, or you would like commit access, or you would like us to push out some changes to the site, just ask us. We have a <a href="">mailing list</a> to chat on, and are always available at <a href=""></a>.
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