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3title: Map legends now available
4date: '2009-01-18 18:17:33 +0000'
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10We're pleased to announce that we finally have the legends (aka map keys) for most of our maps easily available to everyone.<br /><br />Firstly, you can browse all of our map legends at <a href=""></a>, and see how the map legends have changed over time.<br /><br />Secondly, for all the maps where we have a full scan of the original (including the legend at the bottom, and not just a scan of the middle part containing the map itself), we have classified the maps by the legend they contain. When browsing around the fully zoomed in map, if the map you are looking at has been classified, then the map year display in the right had pane will become a link to that map's legend. Clicking through will take you directly to the appropriate map legend.<br /><br />The majority of our maps have now been classified, but for a few scanned by other contributors (especially some of the older scottish ones), then scans we have are cropped to exclude the key, so classification isn't possible. For these, you'll need to take a look at the <a href="">full legends list</a>, and spot the appropriate one based on features.
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