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3title: More Scottish Maps
4date: '2010-02-12 21:25:31 +0000'
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9author: 'Nick Burch'
11<p>We're pleased to announce that we've recently teamed up with the <a href="">OpenStreetMap 7th Edition Maps</a> project, who are also aiming to put out-of-copyright OS maps online.</p>
13<p>As part of this, we've been able to update around 30 of our Scottish maps with newer versions, generally replacing mid 1940s maps with late 1950s ones. Because these maps were all scanned from flat original maps, rather than folded as many of ours are, they scans are generally also a little bit clearer, and a bit better aligned. Being newer, it should hopefully be easier to find the locations of postcodes!</p>
15<p>We've also sent over copies of our 7th Edition map scans to the OSM project, who are in the process of re-projecting them into <a href="">WGS84</a> (the original maps use the <a href="">British National Grid</a>, as do we). They will shortly be available for <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a> users to trace features from, much as our 1940s maps have been for some time.</p>
17<p>The next batch of 7th Editon maps leave copyright in January, so we hope to both be able to show off some more scans then!</p>
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