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3title: Postcode data from no longer recommended
4date: '2014-03-02 13:50:57 +0000'
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10Back in 2006 when we started this project, a lot of the interest
11came from being able to crowd-source postcodes at a time when there
12was no free source of postcodes. The site was a great demonstration
13of crowd sourcing, where people were able to contribute a small amount
14of data at the same time as enjoying the lovely old maps the team were
15able to collect. As our early blog posts excitedly report, we gathered
16around ten times more postcodes (albeit at lower quality) in one month
17than had in the previous year.
19However in mid-2010 the Ordnance Survey released their <a href="">Code-Point Open</a>, an accurate and complete dataset mapping postcodes to location
20available under a permissive licence and regularly updated. This means
21that  the outputs of (and for that matter
22are now essentially redundant. The main difference, other than the
23far superior data quality, is that the <a href="">Code-Point Open licence</a>
24requires you to acknowledge your use of Ordnance Survey data.
26As a result, we are no longer planning to provide updated data exports or
27develop the postcode collection part of the site. New submissions from
28users will no longer be accepted. We will leave the data exports available
29for the time being but recommend that consumers switch over to other data
30sources, such as Code-Point Open, as soon as practical.
32The presentation of the old OS maps remains an interesting part of the
33site and we plan to keep this part of the site alive, although there are
34no current plans to extend the collection.
36We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have
37contributed postcodes, postcode corrections, and all the many helpful
38suggestions we've received over the years!
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