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1<!--#set var="title" value="Download our postcodes" -->
2<!--#set var="link" value="/data/" -->
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5    <p>Here it is. What you've all been waiting for.</p>
7    <p>At the moment, we just have simple lists of data, with limited
8     checking. However, there are discussions about alternate formats,
9     error checking etc - please join the
10     <a href="">FreePostcodes</a>
11     list for more information and to help out.</p>
12    <p>We have also noticed there is some incorrect data at the moment, but
13    have not worked out how to automatically exclude it, so please don't go
14    routing ambulances or anything like that based on this data.</p>
16    <p>Data is updated daily.</p>
18    <ul style="margin-left: 1em">
19    <li><a href="currentlist">All our data</a> (excludes
20     <a href="">FreeThePostcode</a> data and
21     <a href="">Postbox
22     Locator</a> data)</li>
23    <li><a href="outwardlist">Outward part locations</a> (eg OX1 ###)</li>
24    <li><a href="outward1list">Outward + 1st inward part locations</a> 
25     (eg OX1 4##)
26     <br />&nbsp;
27    </li>
28    <li><a href="fulllist">All data</a> (our data,
29     <a href="">FreeThePostcode</a> data and
30     <a href="">Postbox
31     Locator</a> data)</li>
32    </ul>
34    <p>
35                All of this location data is made available under the <a href="/pddl">Public Domain Dedication and License version 1.0</a>.
36    </p>
37    <p>
38        Essentially, you can do anything you like with this data.
39                <a href=""><img alt="This material
40                        is Open Data" border="0" 
41                        src="/images/opendata_80x15_blue.png" /></a>
42    </p>
45<div style="width: 70%; background-color: #ffdddd; margin: 0 auto; border-width: 5px; border-color: #ff3333; border-style: solid; padding: 2px ">
46    <p style="margin: 2px">
47        In addition to our Public Domain data, there is now government
48        postcode information available under a
49        <a href="">license</a>
50        similar to Creative Commons Attribution v3 license, as part of the
51        <a href="">OS OpenData</a>
52        project. You can get more information on this dataset from
53        <a href=""></a>
54    </p>
56    <p style='margin: 10px 2px'>
58Thanks to everyone for helping us create this data source, and campaiging to help the
59government see the massive benefits that postcode location data can give
60charities and enterprise.  </p>
64<!--#include virtual="../inc/footer.shtml" -->
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