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Update the scotland and NI pages now we know a little more about the editions that covered them

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    141141<h3>Why don't you have good mapping data of Scotland and Northern Ireland?</h3>
    143 <p>I don't think they were part of the New Popular Edition at 1 inch to the
    144 mile. If you have free higher resolution images of either of these places
    145 (we only have quarter inch to the mile) then we might be interested in them.</p>
     143<p>While the Ordnance Survey did create the New Popular Edition maps of
     144 Scotland at 1 inch to the mile, these were never
     145 published, so we can't buy them to scan in. All we have been able to get
     146 is quarter inch to the mile maps, which don't fit into our tiling scheme,
     147 and are too small for finding postcodes on.</p>
     148<p>Scotland and Northern Ireland were included in the Ordnance Survey
     149 7<sup>th</sup> Edition at 1 inch to the mile, but
     150 almost all of these maps remain in copyright for another few years, so
     151 we couldn't put them online.</p>
     152<p>If you do have free higher resolution images of either of Scotland or
     153 Northern Ireland (eg the 1920s Popular Edition, or the War Office Editions),
     154 then we would be very interested. Do please contact us if you have such
     155 maps.</p>
     156<p>If you would like to be notified when we do get out of copyright 1 inch
     157 to the mile maps of Scotland and Northern Ireland, please
     158 <a href="scotlandAndNI.html">register your interest</a>.</p>
    147160<h3>Who did the work?</h3>
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