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Add FAQ on browsing by decade, along with left hand link

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    1717<li><a href="#accuracy">If you are using scans of old maps, how accurate will the locations be?</a></li>
    1818<li><a href="#houseMissing">My house isn't on a 1950s map</a></li>
     19<li><a href="#pickDecade">How do I view maps from different decades?</a></li>
    1920<li><a href="#gps">I know exactly where I am, and what my postcode is</a></li>
    2021<li><a href="#islands">I can't seem to find a certain island on your overview map</a></li>
     185<a name="pickDecade"></a>
     186<h3>How do I view maps from different decades?</h3>
     188<p>For many areas, we have maps from a number of different years. By default,
     189 we always show you the most recent map we have. That gives you the best
     190 chance to locate postcodes, and allows us to produce the best list
     191 of free postcodes that we can.</p>
     193<p>However, we do understand that sometimes people would like to be able
     194 to compare how things have changed. For that reason, we provide a second
     195 interface to view our maps. With this one, we allow you to browse all
     196 of our maps from each decade.</p>
     198<p>You can browse by decade by <a href="/pickDecade.html">going here</a>.
     199 (We currently have maps from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s).
     200 Please note that we do not have maps for all areas for all decades, so
     201 you may find that you can only view a given place at only one or two
     202 dates.</p>
     204<p>If you have maps for an area for a decade that we currently don't,
     205 please do contact us.</p>
    184208<a name="gps"></a>
    185209<h3>I know exactly where I am, and what my postcode is</h3>
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    2727<li><a href="data/">Download postcode data</a></li>
    2828<li><a href="postcodeine/">Show postcodes on map</a></li>
     29<li><a href="pickDecade.html">View maps from each decade</a></li>
    2930<li><a href=",,1936557,00.html">Read about us in the Guardian!</a></li>
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