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(edit) @758   5 years Dominic Hargreaves Remove (hopefully) unneeded 'use' lines
(edit) @755   7 years Dominic Hargreaves catch errors from wget
(edit) @754   7 years Nick Burch Update execute statements - must pass a tuple or map, not a single …
(edit) @753   7 years Nick Burch Start to switch to psycopg2
(edit) @752   8 years Dominic Hargreaves compare only against undeleted count when checking for suspiciously …
(edit) @736   11 years Nick Burch Re-jig how we handle deleted entries in the import, so we can handle …
(edit) @735   11 years Nick Burch Tweak the count display
(edit) @734   11 years Nick Burch When we have both a deleted and undeleted postcode in the database, …
(edit) @733   11 years Nick Burch Don't re-import previously deleted entries
(edit) @721   11 years Dominic Hargreaves apply pddl
(edit) @718   11 years Nick Burch Make sure the thumbnails are always of a suitable size, otherwise when …
(edit) @712   11 years Nick Burch Per-decade support in tile scripts
(edit) @711   11 years Nick Burch Various little tweaks to scripts, plus a new script to output the …
(edit) @707   11 years Nick Burch Ignore the channel islands when making the UK wide map, and tweak the …
(edit) @705   11 years sheldon Damn python not not
(edit) @704   11 years sheldon Dracos data is gaining OSM licenced data, bad boys
(edit) @703   11 years sheldon There's a new column on the dracos import file
(edit) @701   11 years sheldon Uppercase postcodes on export as it doesn't appear to be enforced in the DB
(edit) @700   11 years Nick Burch New dracos format
(edit) @699   11 years Nick Burch Add script for assembling a directory of tiles back into one file
(edit) @698   11 years Dominic Hargreaves don't line break
(edit) @697   11 years Dominic Hargreaves make clear it's only deleted ones
(edit) @696   11 years Dominic Hargreaves null reason
(edit) @695   11 years Dominic Hargreaves syntax
(edit) @694   11 years Dominic Hargreaves fix null values in sql, newlines
(edit) @693   11 years Dominic Hargreaves brackets
(edit) @692   11 years Dominic Hargreaves nesting
(edit) @690   11 years Dominic Hargreaves first stab at problem reporting
(edit) @686   11 years sheldon Switch split to use regexes and split on ' +' rather than single …
(edit) @684   11 years sheldon Improve error message when it can't process a postcode. Also, it …
(edit) @675   12 years Nick Burch Map legend support for meta files
(edit) @674   12 years sheldon Putting 672 back
(edit) @673   12 years sheldon Handle error with postcode and output message to stderr rather than …
(edit) @672   12 years Nick Burch Fix all export
(edit) @671   12 years Nick Burch Ensure imported postcodes are always unique
(edit) @667   12 years Nick Burch Workaround perl 0 = false
(edit) @666   12 years Nick Burch Update to include source too
(edit) @651   12 years Nick Burch Few little tweaks
(edit) @650   12 years Nick Burch dracos postbox import
(edit) @649   12 years Nick Burch Stub out dracos postboxes import
(edit) @648   12 years Nick Burch Refactor the FTP importer
(edit) @647   12 years Nick Burch Start on a postboxes-with-postcodes importer
(edit) @644   12 years sheldon With --no-confirm, don't delete more than 100 postcodes, same as we …
(edit) @635   12 years Dominic Hargreaves licence tastic
(edit) @629   13 years Dominic Hargreaves crud
(edit) @628   13 years Dominic Hargreaves add --quiet and --report options
(edit) @627   13 years npemap Don't calculate lat+long, as takes too long
(edit) @624   13 years Nick Burch Raw exporter
(edit) @623   13 years Dominic Hargreaves random blank line online verbose too
(edit) @622   13 years Dominic Hargreaves make some more messages verbose-only
(edit) @621   13 years Dominic Hargreaves pass --quiet to wget
(edit) @620   13 years Nick Burch More paranoia, even with --no-confirm
(edit) @609   13 years Dominic Hargreaves again
(edit) @608   13 years Dominic Hargreaves bleh
(edit) @607   13 years Dominic Hargreaves typo
(edit) @606   13 years Dominic Hargreaves add command line options
(edit) @605   13 years Dominic Hargreaves split out
(edit) @597   13 years Dominic Hargreaves rss
(edit) @592   13 years Nick Burch Northing could be negative
(edit) @591   13 years Nick Burch Rename import script
(edit) @590   13 years Nick Burch Rename the importer
(edit) @589   13 years Nick Burch Make a start on an importer from the full npemaps list
(edit) @587   13 years Nick Burch Tweak outer1 export
(edit) @577   13 years Nick Burch Add --verbose flag, and don't report changes to postcodes unless it's set
(edit) @576   13 years Nick Burch Add flag checking for automated runs
(edit) @575   13 years Nick Burch Few little tweaks to the importer
(edit) @573   13 years Dominic Hargreaves remove PA40
(edit) @572   13 years npemap should not work
(edit) @561   13 years Dominic Hargreaves Remove AB4, AB6, IV34
(edit) @560   13 years Dominic Hargreaves remove AB2
(edit) @559   13 years Dominic Hargreaves Remove old postcodes
(edit) @555   13 years Dominic Hargreaves Remove erroneous Grantham stuff
(edit) @553   13 years Nick Burch Update the export script to handle OSIE as well as OSGB
(edit) @552   13 years David Sheldon Dont output NI blanks
(edit) @542   13 years Nick Burch Support NI tiles too (uploaded to /osie/scaled? instead of /scaled?)
(edit) @540   13 years Nick Burch Few more tweaks
(edit) @538   13 years Nick Burch Nearly there with code
(edit) @537   13 years Nick Burch For working with gmc maps
(edit) @531   13 years Dominic Hargreaves No IV50
(edit) @516   13 years Dominic Hargreaves Add spamming script
(edit) @511   13 years Nick Burch Include Shetland on allmap page
(edit) @510   13 years Nick Burch Include 2+6 NGRs in the dump
(edit) @509   13 years Nick Burch Proper importing on multiple occassions, as per ticket #39
(edit) @508   13 years Nick Burch Support IE stuff
(edit) @506   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Updates
(edit) @490   14 years Nick Burch Check we're in the right directory before uploading
(edit) @478   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Add ignore function
(edit) @467   14 years Nick Burch Add world making scripts
(edit) @462   14 years Dominic Hargreaves CF8 isn't valid any more
(edit) @461   14 years Nick Burch Pull out e+n -> lat+long into a npemap perl module, and use from the …
(edit) @460   14 years Nick Burch Shift Geo::HelmertTransform? from scripts/exporter into perllib
(edit) @449   14 years Nick Burch Do dates stuff properly
(edit) @448   14 years Nick Burch Support meta upload, and show progress
(edit) @447   14 years Nick Burch Re-create tiles if their source files are newer. When deciding which …
(edit) @426   14 years Nick Burch Increase thumb size, now we have more of north scotland
(edit) @423   14 years Nick Burch Generate meta files at scale 1
(edit) @421   14 years Nick Burch Do the cropping at the same time
(edit) @413   14 years Nick Burch Make the thumbnail a bit darker, seems to help
(edit) @412   14 years Nick Burch Add scaled50 at the right place
(edit) @411   14 years Nick Burch Support some on-the-fly resizing when building really big scaled files
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