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(edit) @766   4 years Dominic Hargreaves Manually add authors to posts
(edit) @765   4 years Dominic Hargreaves initial import of posts from MT importer
(edit) @764   5 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix more CGI::header issues (see previous commit)
(edit) @763   5 years Nick Burch Fix for CGI modules in Perl 5.20, along the same lines as the Munin …
(edit) @762   5 years Nick Burch Avoid problems if the grid tries to refresh before the init has run
(edit) @761   5 years Dominic Hargreaves Apache 2.4 SSI syntax fix
(edit) @759   5 years Dominic Hargreaves remove unused module (it's installed in the system path anyway)
(edit) @758   5 years Dominic Hargreaves Remove (hopefully) unneeded 'use' lines
(edit) @757   5 years Dominic Hargreaves Patch from David to hopefully remove use of Geography::NationalGrid?
(edit) @756   7 years Dominic Hargreaves soft-disable postcode submissions and update documentation accordingly
(edit) @755   7 years Dominic Hargreaves catch errors from wget
(edit) @754   7 years Nick Burch Update execute statements - must pass a tuple or map, not a single …
(edit) @753   7 years Nick Burch Start to switch to psycopg2
(edit) @752   8 years Dominic Hargreaves compare only against undeleted count when checking for suspiciously …
(edit) @751   9 years Dominic Hargreaves update call to geonames according to …
(edit) @750   9 years Nick Burch Larger version of the thumbnail
(edit) @749   10 years Nick Burch Geonames WS5 is gone, use WS2
(edit) @740   11 years sheldon Update FAQ now the DATA IS FREE
(edit) @739   11 years sheldon Make the opendata link more prominent as people probably want that now
(edit) @738   11 years Nick Burch Few updates, and a link to CodePointOpen?
(edit) @736   11 years Nick Burch Re-jig how we handle deleted entries in the import, so we can handle …
(edit) @735   11 years Nick Burch Tweak the count display
(edit) @734   11 years Nick Burch When we have both a deleted and undeleted postcode in the database, …
(edit) @733   11 years Nick Burch Don't re-import previously deleted entries
(edit) @732   11 years Nick Burch Add a note about 7th edition OSM maps
(edit) @723   11 years Nick Burch New thumbnails for new 1950s maps
(edit) @722   11 years Dominic Hargreaves fix link
(edit) @721   11 years Dominic Hargreaves apply pddl
(edit) @720   11 years Nick Burch New 1950s overview maps, and update the 1950s description
(edit) @719   11 years Nick Burch Add FAQ on browsing by decade, along with left hand link
(edit) @718   11 years Nick Burch Make sure the thumbnails are always of a suitable size, otherwise when …
(edit) @717   11 years Nick Burch Select the correct set of map tiles
(edit) @716   11 years Nick Burch Turn the by-decade bits largely into shtml includes
(edit) @715   11 years Nick Burch Get the browse-by-decade parts of the site working
(edit) @714   11 years Nick Burch Begin support for viewing multiple decades
(edit) @713   11 years Nick Burch Thumbnail images by decade
(edit) @712   11 years Nick Burch Per-decade support in tile scripts
(edit) @711   11 years Nick Burch Various little tweaks to scripts, plus a new script to output the …
(edit) @710   11 years Nick Burch New map, and note about dates
(edit) @709   11 years Nick Burch Classify some more directories of tiles
(edit) @708   11 years Nick Burch Several more maps
(edit) @707   11 years Nick Burch Ignore the channel islands when making the UK wide map, and tweak the …
(edit) @706   11 years Nick Burch New thumbnail
(edit) @705   11 years sheldon Damn python not not
(edit) @704   11 years sheldon Dracos data is gaining OSM licenced data, bad boys
(edit) @703   11 years sheldon There's a new column on the dracos import file
(edit) @702   11 years Dominic Hargreaves add thumbnails and use those in HTML
(edit) @701   11 years sheldon Uppercase postcodes on export as it doesn't appear to be enforced in the DB
(edit) @700   11 years Nick Burch New dracos format
(edit) @699   11 years Nick Burch Add script for assembling a directory of tiles back into one file
(edit) @698   11 years Dominic Hargreaves don't line break
(edit) @697   11 years Dominic Hargreaves make clear it's only deleted ones
(edit) @696   11 years Dominic Hargreaves null reason
(edit) @695   11 years Dominic Hargreaves syntax
(edit) @694   11 years Dominic Hargreaves fix null values in sql, newlines
(edit) @693   11 years Dominic Hargreaves brackets
(edit) @692   11 years Dominic Hargreaves nesting
(edit) @691   11 years Dominic Hargreaves new config
(edit) @690   11 years Dominic Hargreaves first stab at problem reporting
(edit) @689   11 years Dominic Hargreaves add contact column
(edit) @687   11 years sheldon Don't add invalid postcodes to RSS
(edit) @686   11 years sheldon Switch split to use regexes and split on ' +' rather than single …
(edit) @685   11 years sheldon Default inward to if not specified, e.g. geocode request for OX1
(edit) @684   11 years sheldon Improve error message when it can't process a postcode. Also, it …
(edit) @683   12 years Dominic Hargreaves mark links as dead
(edit) @682   12 years Nick Burch Geonames have changed their server
(edit) @681   12 years Nick Burch Legends update
(edit) @680   12 years Nick Burch Legends index
(edit) @679   12 years Nick Burch Update the thumbnail images
(edit) @678   12 years Nick Burch Legends for the maps
(edit) @677   12 years Nick Burch Show legends if possible
(edit) @676   12 years Nick Burch Legend support in meta
(edit) @675   12 years Nick Burch Map legend support for meta files
(edit) @674   12 years sheldon Putting 672 back
(edit) @673   12 years sheldon Handle error with postcode and output message to stderr rather than …
(edit) @672   12 years Nick Burch Fix all export
(edit) @671   12 years Nick Burch Ensure imported postcodes are always unique
(edit) @670   12 years Nick Burch Support osie too
(edit) @669   12 years Nick Burch FullData? too
(edit) @668   12 years Nick Burch FullData? too
(edit) @667   12 years Nick Burch Workaround perl 0 = false
(edit) @666   12 years Nick Burch Update to include source too
(edit) @665   12 years Nick Burch Handy AGGREGATE function
(edit) @657   12 years Nick Burch Re-order code bit of faq
(edit) @656   12 years Nick Burch Add link to the svn to the FAQ
(edit) @655   12 years Nick Burch Tweak text to be consistent
(edit) @654   12 years Nick Burch More markers
(edit) @653   12 years Nick Burch Another marker
(edit) @652   12 years Nick Burch New source
(edit) @651   12 years Nick Burch Few little tweaks
(edit) @650   12 years Nick Burch dracos postbox import
(edit) @649   12 years Nick Burch Stub out dracos postboxes import
(edit) @648   12 years Nick Burch Refactor the FTP importer
(edit) @647   12 years Nick Burch Start on a postboxes-with-postcodes importer
(edit) @646   12 years Nick Burch Add rss feed link
(edit) @645   12 years Nick Burch Improve the RSS feed
(edit) @644   12 years sheldon With --no-confirm, don't delete more than 100 postcodes, same as we …
(edit) @643   12 years Dominic Hargreaves typo
(edit) @642   12 years Dominic Hargreaves hyphen
(edit) @641   12 years Dominic Hargreaves different sort of hyphen
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