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#47 Expires headers where appropriate Dominic Hargreaves enhancement major

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#66 Map doesn't load (Netscape 7, MacOS 9) David Sheldon defect major wontfix
#67 Zoom in maps further David Sheldon enhancement major duplicate
#68 Map key Nick Burch enhancement major fixed
#51 Option to turn off existing postcodes. David Sheldon enhancement minor fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#23 Link to a point. David Sheldon enhancement major
#26 Signal handling for CGIs David Sheldon defect major
#46 Admin tools to let us inspect submissions David Sheldon enhancement major
#65 Intermittent fastcgi failures David Sheldon defect major
#72 Display postcode marks on less zoomed in pages David Sheldon defect major
#85 Store neaby village/town/street names David Sheldon enhancement major
#7 Convert the map to be slippy David Sheldon task minor
#21 Make it a bit prettier Olly Willans enhancement minor
#52 Make it harder for someone to upload a bunch of postcodes without clicking David Sheldon defect minor
#55 Improve distant postcode visualisation/reporting David Sheldon task minor
#56 Zoom in further David Sheldon enhancement minor
#77 Move geocoder to central site David Sheldon enhancement minor
#80 Make "submitted" and "thank you" a bit easier to notice David Sheldon defect minor
#83 sqlite dumps David Sheldon enhancement minor
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