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6<a name="whatMaps"></a>
7<h3>What maps are you using?</h3>
8<p>We currently have permission to use two different maps, but only one
9 of them is currently scanned in and online.</p>
10<p>The first map is "Geographers' Authentic Map of London" from 1956. This
11 has half mile grid squares, is in black and red, and covers an area of
12 13 miles by 8 miles. This one is currently online.</p>
13<p>The second map is "Geographers' Six Inch Map of Central London" from 1951.
14 This has quarter mile grid squares, is in colour, and covers just central
15 London. This one is currently pending scanning.</p>
17<a name="copyright"></a>
18<h3>Are these maps out of copyright, like the other maps on
19 <a href=""></a>?</h3>
20<p><strong>These maps are still in copyright.</strong></p>
21<p>These maps were produced by the Geographers' map company in the 1950s,
22 based on Ordnance Survey data, and their own surveying and cartography.
23 The crown copyright on the OS data in these maps has now expired. However,
24 the Geographers' map company (now Geographers' A-Z Map Company) copyright
25 remains, and will do so until 70 years after the death of the last
26 cartographer who worked on the map.</p>
27<p>We have received permission from the Geographers' A-Z Map Company to
28 post these maps online. However, they must not be copied or reproduced
29 without prior permission from the Geographers' A-Z Map Company.</p>
31<a name="licence"></a>
32<h3>What licence are these maps under?</h3>
33<p>We have received a non-transferable non commercial use licence to display
34 these maps on the site, from the Geographers' A-Z Map Company. You will
35 need to get a licence from them if you wish to make use of these maps
36 yourself.</p>
37<p>The Geographers' A-Z map company have indicated that they do not consider
38 extracting small amounts of geographic information from these maps to be a
39 breach of their copyright. Examples might be the old name of a few roads
40 around your house, or the location of a closed tube station. If you wish
41 to extract large amounts of information (such as many road names, or tracing
42 noticable parts of the map), you'll need to consult with your own
43 IP Lawyer, and almost certainly get permission from the Geographers' A-Z
44 Map Company.<br />
45 (No database rights apply to the maps, as they were produced before such
46 rights were introduced.)
49<a name="accuracy"></a>
50<h3>How accurate are the locations you derive from the map?</h3>
51<p>These maps were not drawn up using the national grid, so we have to
52 convert the co-ordinates from them.</p>
53<p>For the Geographers' Authentic Map of London, the map is laid out with
54 1/2 mile grid squares. These grid squares appear to be at a slight slant
55 to the OS National Grid, and also appear to be a tiny bit too small.
56 The slant doesn't appear to change over the map, and our best-fit parameters
57 for the slant and scale give a typical error of under 200m.</p>
58<p>For the Geographers' 6 Inch Map of Central London, the map is laid out
59 with 1/4 mile grid squares, centred on Charring Cross. We have yet to
60 investigate the tilt or scale of these.</p>
62<a name="scans"></a>
63<h3>Could I get a copy of the scans?</h3>
64<p>We would be happy to provide copies of the scans. However, you will need
65 to seek a licence from the Geographers' A-Z Map Company first. Let us
66 know once you have a licence from them, and we can send you the scans.
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