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1Guardian Coverage, and more Maps
3<p>A few weeks ago, the Guardian named us as
4<a href=",,1975939,00.html">one
5of the new 100 most useful sites</a>, which was very nice of them. It has
6given us quite a lot of new postcodes, and offers of a few more missing
9<p>Speaking of new maps, we've added a few more places recently. These include
10<a href=",80,3">The Isle of Man</a>,
11<a href=",105,3">The Island of Arran</a>,
12<a href=",214,2">Lanark</a>,
13<a href=",120,3">Dundee and St Andrews</a>
15<a href=",134,3">Aberdeen</a>.
17<p>You can see
18exactly where we have coverage on our
19<a href="">all maps</a> overview
20page. It's worth checking from time to time, as we add new maps more
21frequently than we post news updates.</p>
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