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1No really...
3<p>Sorry for that lack of updates here. We do have jobs and lives outside this site I'm afraid.</p>
5<p>Last time we thought we were doing well at just over 1000 postcodes. Now we have 10000!</p>
7<p>This is thanks to publicity from <a
8href=",,1936557,00.html">The Guardian</a> and <a
9href="">BoingBoing</a> among others.</p>
11<p>The progress to the complete outward parts is doing very well. 77% is
12acutally most of the postcodes in England and Wales. It turns out that
13the list that we generated the <a
14href="/stats/missing_district_stats.html">list of missing postcodes</a>
15from was not very accurate. We are probably very nearly there at the
18<p>I guess our next goal will be the complete set of outward and the
19number from the inward part, which we seem to be nearly half way
20towards. </p>
22<p>Thank you to everyone that has helped create our data, and do <a
23href="">email us</a> if you are using our
24data so we can share your story on the website (though no
27<p><b>Coming soon:</b> An API that allows you to query the location of a
28postcode using our database.</p>
30<p><b>Latest news on Scotland:</b> We have some maps but nothing scanned. The Popular
31edition maps are going to be hard to authorectify as they don't have any
32national grid lines on them. The War office editions have the gridlines
33over-printed, but not parallel with the edges of the maps, and the 7th
34edition maps are not going out of copyright for another 3-5 years. We
35still have no maps of Northern Ireland apart from our really low-res
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