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3- CGI that takes a single point and puts it in the database, including the client
4  IP and the time.
[13]5  - Basic version working as submit.cgi. Convert to pperl/mod_perl?
[14]6    - Dependencies all in Debian apart from Geo::Postcode for which Dom has
7      a Debian package and is pending.
9- CGI that takes min/max easting/northing and returns all the postcode points we
10  have in that area. This needs to be in a format that javascript can parse.
[3]12- Progress - list of which prefixes we have. Also thermomitor graphing how
13  close the the target (around 3000). How about a static image that gets
14  updated when you write one.
[5]16- Importer for free the postcode data to give initial population. This will
17  need to set something that flags the source.
[5]19- Javascript to draw existing data as little triangles on the map and update
20  it when we scroll.
[5]22- Convert the map to be slippy. Is this compatible than the line above?
[3]27These will run under fastCGI or something similar.
29As much as possible will be static to minimise load.
[2]32Database format:
[11]34See ../schema_postgres.sql for this.
36source is defined as:
370 = user input from our web site
381 = Free The Postcode database
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