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1<!--#set var="title" value="Download our postcodes" -->
2<!--#set var="link" value="/data/" -->
3<!--#set var="shownav" value="yes" -->
4<!--#include virtual="../inc/header.shtml" -->
5    <p>Here it is. What you've all been waiting for.</p>
7    <p>There will be several files to download later, but for the moment we just have simple lists.</p>
9    <p>We have also noticed there is some incorrect data at the moment, but
10    have not worked out how to automatically exclude it, so please don't go
11    routing ambulances or anything like that based on this data.</p>
13    <p>Data is updated daily.</p>
15    <ul style="margin-left: 1em">
16    <li><a href="currentlist">All our data</a> (excludes
17     <a href="">FreeThePostcode</a> data)</li>
18    <li><a href="outwardlist">Outward part locations</a> (eg OX1 ###)</li>
19    <li><a href="outward1list">Outward + 1st inward part locations</a> 
20     (eg OX1 4##)</li>
21    </ul>
23    <p>
24                All of this location data is in the Public Domain.
25                <a href=""><img alt="This material
26                        is Open Data" border="0" 
27                        src="/images/opendata_80x15_blue.png" /></a>
28        </p>
30<!--#include virtual="../inc/footer.shtml" -->
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