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6<h3>What data do we collect?</h3>
8<p> Obviously we collect the postcode that you enter and the
9location that you clicked on the map. Without this our work would be a bit of a waste of time.
12<p> We also collect your IP address and the time that you submitted the
13postcode. These are for operational reasons, such as detecting automated
14submissions. Your IP address will not be made public.</p>
16<p>Finally, like most other websites, during the course of your visit we keep
17logs of what has been requested from the server. We may use these logs for
18statistical purposes, but we will not publish any personally identifiable
19information from them.</p>
21<p>If you don't want to enter the whole postcode for any location, give us as
22much as you are happy with. Ideally we would have the whole postcode, but just
23the first half is still useful to us.</p>
25<h3>What will be published?</h3>
27<p> We will be publishing the postcodes and their locations. This is the point
28of this site, so it is hardly surprising. They will be released into the public
29domain, so other people may do whatever they like with the data. We will also
30draw pretty pictures of the data if we get the time.
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