We have collected various statistics from our database to show progress in out postcode collection efforts. Our main summary is below, as displayed on the main page:

"Total postcodes collected" counts all postcodes collected on this site that haven't been subseqently deleted, excluding those from our partner site, freethepostcode.org.

"Prefixes collected" lists the number of unique prefixes (also known as "outwards" — the first half of a postcode collected, also excluding freethepostcode.org data.

"Prefixes liberated" gives a rough percentage estimate of the number of prefixes collected between both sites compared to the total in the country. This is probably an over-estimate.

The Known missing prefixes page gives another measure of our progress, in terms of the prefixes/districts we know about, collected from a separate source.

Below is a graph of submissions per day over time:

Graph of submissions per day over time