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(edit) @307   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Fewer things spit out to stderr
(edit) @298   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Remove crud
(edit) @292   14 years David Sheldon Correct some spelling.
(edit) @278   14 years David Sheldon Don't output 2 letter postcodes.
(edit) @277   14 years David Sheldon Order better.
(edit) @276   14 years David Sheldon Script to flush the postcodeine data. You then need to kill the fcgi …
(edit) @273   14 years David Sheldon Change interpreter
(edit) @272   14 years David Sheldon Change paths.
(edit) @271   14 years David Sheldon Rename the binary.
(edit) @269   14 years David Sheldon Code to create tar for postcodeine. We have to publish source.
(edit) @268   14 years David Sheldon Postcodeine code from Mr Lightfoot. Minor modifications.
(edit) @256   14 years Dominic Hargreaves We moved this
(edit) @255   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Move blog script and make it do the svn up too
(edit) @242   14 years Dominic Hargreaves duh. CSV, please.
(edit) @240   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Use comma-separated file
(edit) @230   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Better stats stuff
(edit) @220   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Fix the module loading
(edit) @219   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Add a perl module for some glue including templates, and modify …
(edit) @182   14 years David Sheldon Set the quality in imagemagic, it defaults to 100%, we save over 50% …
(edit) @181   14 years Dominic Hargreaves Reference correct URL; exclude deleted entries
(edit) @179   15 years Nick Burch Update username
(edit) @178   15 years David Sheldon Script to output some stats. Run every so often to a file that can be …
(edit) @167   15 years Nick Burch Add a little more to the export header
(edit) @166   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Should have already been committed
(edit) @165   15 years Dominic Hargreaves disable (references #39)
(edit) @150   15 years Nick Burch Include a key in the header
(edit) @149   15 years Nick Burch Remaining modes
(edit) @148   15 years Nick Burch Make a start on an exporter
(edit) @127   15 years Nick Burch Update for new schema. Don't require a prompt about the change if it's …
(edit) @98   15 years Dominic Hargreaves Add place for deployment scripts to go.
(edit) @83   15 years David Sheldon Some of the scripts used to sort out tiling the maps.
(edit) @35   15 years Nick Burch Finish the import script
(edit) @34   15 years Nick Burch More of the import script
(add) @33   15 years Nick Burch Make a start on the freethepostcode import script
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