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#59 fixed Show coverage so far David Sheldon JP Stacey

It would be a great spur to complete the target of all first halves if you could see coverage of just the first half of the postcodes on a full map. That way we can e.g. recommend it to friends that live in the uncovered places.

Wouldn't need to be accurate, just pretty and enticing. And it would need to be marked in such a way that 100% coverage would look roughly like 100% coverage (modulo the presumably enormous postcode areas in Snowdonia).

#36 fixed Don't require a prompt from the freethepostcode importer if it's a nice, small change Nick Burch Nick Burch

Should be able to run from a schedule, and not require a prompt if the change in the number of postcodes is small and upward.

(If run from cron etc, you'll need to remove the old postcode list before running, so it won't ask about downloading)

#50 fixed Odd tiling near Dorchester David Sheldon Nick Burch

Something odd going on here:,97,1

Seems fine when zoomed out, so might be an offset problem with one of the sheets (seems to be by a several sheet join)

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